Great Synagogue
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Knight Robert 19
Façade, Church of San Gregorietto in Monte Savello. Located at the edge of the Jewish Ghetto, this was one of two churches offering compulsory Sunday Masses for Jews from 1555 until 1870. A plaque over the door reads in Hebrew and Latin: “All day long I have stretched my hands to an unbelieving people, who proceeds along a road not good, after their own ideas. A people that always causes me to wrath, right in front of my face.”
Knight Robert 20
Jewish wedding, Great Synagogue of Rome. Completed in 1904, in the heart of the former Jewish Ghetto, the Great Synagogue is one of Europe’s largest. Today, Rome’s Jewish population totals approximately 13,000, a number that has remained stable since the last major immigration of Jewish refugees from Libya in the late 1960s. Following the terrorist attacks at the synagogue in 1982 it has instituted limited access for non-Jews due to heightened security.